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Homogeneous Bioluminescent Assay for Proteosome Activity Scientific Poster




Martha A. O’Brien1, Richard A. Moravec1, Terry Riss1, Michael A. Scurria2, William J. Daily2, Laurent Bernad2, Dieter H. Klaubert2, Keith V. Wood1, and Robert F. Bulleit1
1Promega Corporation, Madison, WI and 2Promega Biosciences, Inc. San Luis Obispo, CA
1Monsees et al. (1994) Anal. Biochem. 221: 329.

 We have developed homogeneous, luminescent proteasome assays that are ideal for high throughput screening in 96- and 384-well formats. The Proteasome-Glo™ Assays measure all three catalytic activities of the proteasome using the substrates, Suc-LLVY-aminoluciferin, Z-LRR-aminoluciferin, and Z-nLPnLDaminoluciferin, in a purified enzyme context. The Proteasome-Glo™ Cell-Based Assay measures the chymotrypsin-like activity directly in cells using the substrate, Suc-LLVY-aminoluciferin, and a selective permeabilizing agent.

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