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In-Gel Digestion of Mouse Membrane Protein Extract Increased Peptide Recovery...

In-Gel Digestion of Mouse Membrane Protein Extract Increased Peptide Recovery Scientific Poster




Christopher M Adams1, Allis S. Chien1, Dan Simpson2, Bill Dailey2, Sergei Saveliev2
1Vincent Coates Foundation Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
2Promega Corporation, Madison, WI

In mammalian proteomes, it is estimated that 6,000–8,000 genes encode for membrane proteins. Yet, large scale proteomic analysis of these same membrane proteins remains a challenge. The hydrophobic nature of membrane proteins most commonly results in poor protein solubility. For in-gel digestion protocols, poor protein solubility for both hydrophobic and hydrophilic peptides results in inefficient digestion and peptide extraction.

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