Promega Corporation

Luminescent Assay Optimization Kinase Profiling and uHTS Application Scientific Poster




Sarah Schultz1, Kevin Hsaio1, Jean Shieh2, EJ Dell3, Kim Titus4 and Aoife Gallagher5
1Promega Corporation,  Madison, WI 53711; 2Labcyte Inc., Sunnyvale, CA; 3BMG LABTECH, Durham, NC; 4Corning Life Sciences, Kennebunk, ME; 5Deerac Fluidics, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Kinases play a crucial role in regulating complex cellular processes. Their involvement in a number of diseases makes them a target class of interest for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. For this reason, kinases are the most screened target class to date. Successful kinase screening campaigns require precise liquid handling, robust assays, reliable plates and sensitive detection methods. With the increasing number of options available to the screener, it is becoming more of a challenge to choose which are best suited for a particular application. By partnering together, we demonstrate the complementarity of diverse technologies for a 1536-well kinase assay application.

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  • Part# PS072
  • Printed in USA.

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