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Quantus Fluorometer

Quantus™ Fluorometer

A dual-channel fluorometer for quantifying nucleic acids. This compact instrument is simple to operate, has preprogrammed settings for Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems and allows users the flexibility to create their own methods and quantitation settings for other dyes.

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Industrial and Environmental Monitoring DNA Purification From Food, Microbial Detection and Quantitation, Protein Deamidation Detection

Gerätesystemlösungen Fluorometer, HSM 2.0 System, Luminometer, Maxwell® für Forschung, Entwicklung, Diagnostik oder Lebensmittelanalytik, View All

Molecular Diagnostics Maxwell® für Forschung, Entwicklung, Diagnostik oder Lebensmittelanalytik, Systems for Molecular Diagnostics Research, Reagents for Molecular Diagnostics Labs, View All

PCR Hot-Start PCR, Routine PCR, Long PCR, qPCR und RT-qPCR, View All

Protein Expression and Mass Spectrometry Eukaryotic Cell-Free Protein Expression, Prokaryotic Cell-Free Protein Expression, Cell-Based Protein Expression, Glycosidases, View All

Proteinaufreinigung und Interaktion HaloTag® Protein Purification, GST Protein Purification, Magnetic Systems for Purification of Antibodies and Affinity-Tagged Proteins, Protein Interactions, View All

Reporter Assays and Transfection In vivo Imaging, Reporter Assays, Reporter Vectors and Cell Lines, Transfection Reagents

RNA Analysis In Vitro Transcription, RNA Interference, RNA-Aufreinigung, RT-PCR

Stem Cell Research Cell Line Authentication, Stem Cell Functional Analysis, Stem Cell Health, Stem Cell Sample Preparation, View All

STR-Analyse Sample ID and Mixed Sample Detection, Cell Line Authentication, STR Analyse für Verwandtschafts- und Forensikanalysen

Vectors Bacterial Expression Vectors, Cell-Free Expression Vectors, Mammalian Expression Vectors, Reporter Vectors, View All

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