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Continuity of Supply

Read how Promega logistics experts are working with key partners to overcome supply chain disruptions and ensure you get the products you need.

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Nucleic Acid Analysis

From Sample to Analysis in One Seamless Workflow

The Maxwell® nucleic acid extraction system and the naica® dPCR platform provide a seamless, sample-to-answer workflow for your most sensitive analyses.

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T Cell Immunotherapy

Discover novel antigen-specific TCRs and CARs, measure T Cell activation, and develop target cell killing (TCK) potency assays.

T Cell Immunotherapy Assays
Bioluminescence Technologies

Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Choose from a comprehensive range of assays to examine the effect of small molecules on RAS and other pathways, protein degradation, target engagement, and more.

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Promega has shown its dedication to customer satisfaction time and again over the years, and we can be confident they will be instrumental in helping Co-Diagnostics meet the demand for our products.

Dwight Egan, CEO, Co-Diagnostics

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New Product

Now Available: The New Spectrum CE System

  • Continuously accessible 4-plate capacity
  • Designed for current PowerPlex® and next-generation 8-dye chemistries
  • Suitable for use with 5- and 6-color popular STR amplification kits
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Emerging Technologies

Study Reveals New Strategies for Targeting “Undruggable” KRAS Mutants

A new Nature Chemical Biology study shows that the most commonly mutated protein in cancer might not be as “undruggable” as previously believed.

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Student Resources

Back to school? Check out this collection of resources on common cellular and molecular biology techniques, as well as our guide to navigating the early stages of your career.

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